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Absentee Ballots

What is an absentee ballot?

An absentee ballots is a paper form of the ballot that is on the voting machine on election day.

Who should use an absentee ballot?

Anyone who cannot be at the polls on election day who wants to vote. This includes: military personnel away from home and their families if they are with them, those who will be out of town on election day for personal or business reasons, those who are bedridden or unable to get to the polls for physical reasons. A detailed list is available on the Department of State web site.

How do I get an absentee ballot?

There are 2 steps to voting by absentee ballot. First, you complete a absentee ballot application and mail it to the Delaware County Government Center, 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA 19063. You will receive an absentee ballot in the mail which must be returned to the County Election Bureau by 5 PM of the Friday before the election. An 11 day extension is given to military personnel voting by absentee ballot. See the Election Calendar for the dates for this year. It is possible to go to the County Government Center and and obtain, fill it and return your absentee ballot application quickly.

On Election Day your name will be posted at your polling place indicating that you will be voting by absentee ballot. If you find you can be in town and get to the polls, go to the polls and notify the election officials. They will remove your absentee ballot from the group to be counted and you will vote using a voting machines.


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