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Member "Perks"

There are many things you can sign up for as a member of the League. Some things you can do without a password but things like joining a discussion list require you to sign in. The steps are simple once your e-mail address is listed in the LWVUS database. Your local Membership Chair or Treasurer will add your e-mail address as soon as she knows it. Once she has put your e-mail address in the data base, all you need to do is register. Once you fill in your First and Last Name and E-mail address, you will be sent an e-mail right away with a password you can use until you change to something that might be easier to remember.

The Grassroots Lobby Corp Action Alert letter. Find all the tools, tips and information you need to advocate for the League’s priority issues. (Don't need a password)

Sign up and get LeaguE-voices and have the latest news delivered to you e-mail box. (Don't need a password.)

Join a discussion list and find out what League members are thinking about and actually doing from ERA, Campaign Finance Reform, Civil Liberties, Death Penalty, Health Care, Immigration, Natural Resources (including Climate Change), No Child Left Behind and other Education issues, and the United Nations, You can sign up by going to The For Members section - Get Involved or follow this link, once you logged in with your e-mail address and password. Fill in your e-mail address and name and put a check in the boxes of the lists you would like to join. We also have discussion lists for all the administrative functions of the League to make doing League "jobs" easier. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button at the end after you have checked off the lists you would like to join.

You can also see the list of Projects and Programs being sponsored by our national office and board and see if there is something you would find interesting.



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